PMC designs and manufactures high technology engineering process packages for the oil/gas and chemical processing industries. supplying the complete design and manufacture for a full range of equipment.  From single point injection units to multi-compartmented, multi-fluid packaged systems all are constructed to International Standards.

We honor to have a proven track in design and manufacturing of various kind of Skid Mounted Packages specially in “Chemical Injection Packages”.

Chemical injection package is the essential installation and apparatus for extending the structural life of the plant and stabilization of the products by quantitatively injecting the chemicals needed in every process industry field such as power generation, seawater desalination, oil & gas plant into a per-component. We emphasis on the Design & Production available for fully automatic operation.


We do the followings:

Sampling package

Filtration package

Water treatment package

Dehydration package

Custody Metering package


Online Monitoring (API 684)

Seal Panel (API 682, 610)

Seal Skid


Safety Shower

Sample Cooler

Oil mist Package

Liquid Chlorine injection package

Fire water skid

Deluge valve

Well head control panel

Hydraulic control panel





Antifoam injection packages south pars phase14, 2016

Fully designed and manufactured by PMC.

PMC is the only partner of Positive Metering Systems (PMS) UK, in Iran. PMS is a leading worldwide company supplying chemical injection systems and skid mounted packages with over 25 years of experience and proven track of projects all over the world.