• Mobile Oil Separator (MOS) and Mobile Oil Treater (MOT):
    In order to avoid burning oil in drilling and work over wells, acidizing and test wells, MOS and MOT are utilized.
    → MOS
    is used to separate oil and gas in order to be pumped towards cluster and consists of the following equipment: 2-Phase Separator (can be modified to 3-Phase Separator), Demulsifier Package, Gas Oil Storage Tank, Nitrogen Package, Diesel Generator, Instrument Air System Package and Porta Cabin.
    → In MOT, first oil is treated then sand and water are separated and after adding specific chemicals, oil is transported to the production plant. MOT Unit has to consist of the following equipment:

    Desander, 3-Phase Separator, Desilter, Dehydrator, Booster Pumps with Compressed Air Tank Agitator, N2 Cylinders, Generator Diesel Devices, Fire Distinguisher Equipment and Porta Cabin.
  • Completion:
    → Completion Equipment and Technology Services
    → Wellhead Equipment and Services
    → Sand Control Services
  • Production Enhancement:
    → Conventional Simulation Technology
    → Positioning Hydrojet Fracturing Technology
    → Coiled Tubing Perforation with Annulus Fracturing Technology
    → Artificial Lift
    → Production Profile Modification and Waste Shutoff
    → Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Well Intervention:
    → Workover
    → Coiled Tubing/Nitrogen
    → Nitrogen Convertor
    → Snubbing
    → Slickline
    → Swabbing
    → Wellhead and Xmas-Tree Maintenance
  • Well Surveillance:
    → Wireline Logging
    → Bond Logging
    → Production Logging
    → Mud Logging
    → WireLine Services
    → Well Testing
    → Drill Stem Test
    → Bottom Hole Pressure / Temperature Survey
    → Bore Hole Sampling and PVT Lab Analysis
    → Permanent Installed Down Hole Monitoring
    → Artificial Lift Behavior Monitoring
  • The Drilling Waste Management Including:
    → Cutting solidified.

    → The waste water treated for reuse.
    → The waste land filled center building (EPC).
    → For the regional development, the terminal mud treated for cyclic utilization system construction (EPC).
  • For Treating The Oily Water For Re-injection:
    The CPF system separate the oil and waste water, this waste water is high salt pollution for environment, but this kind water is useful for secondary oil recovery, because the compatibility is suitable for the stratum than the clear surface water. We can provide the owner all the equipment or construct this system (EPC).